Kamandurg Trek, Vasai (2 July 2017)

Kamandurg stands tall and proud to be the second highest fort in Thane district and still has some signs of the ancient times. This fort is special in its own way by having a gradual steep climb of about 2.30 hrs through dense forest, rock cut steps but in spite of that is rarely visited. Kamandurg played an important role during the battle of Vasai and the main aim it was built for was to keep an eye on the trade carried through Ulhas river. (source)

One Day Kaman 2160 ft Medium Rs. 300 approx


  • 05:00 AM : Assemble at Andheri station
  • 05:34 AM : Board Andheri – Virar local train
  • 06:10 AM : Reach Vasai Road station
  • 06:45 AM : Hire local transport to reach Kaman
  • 07:45 AM : Reach Kaman
  • 08:00 AM : Start moving towards Devkuni village
  • 09:00 AM : Start ascending
  • 12:00 PM : Reach summit, exploration
  • 01:00 PM : Start descending
  • 04:00 PM : Reach Devkuni village
  • 04:45 PM : Reach Kaman
  • 05:00 PM : Hire local transport to reach Vasai Road station
  • 05:15 PM : Reach Panvel station, refreshment
  • 06:06 PM : Board Virar – Churchgate local train
  • 06:43 PM : Reach Andheri station


  1. Flexible clothing
  2. Good trekking shoes
  3. Jacket or windcheater
  4. Ready to eat food
  5. Adequate water
  6. Required medicines
  7. Electoral or glucose powder

Featured Image Source


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